Download music from LastFm,Imeem,and MySpace

How to download mp3 music From, IMEEM, Pandora and MySpace? Here is a unique software known as MusicZilla, unlike most online mp3 downloading service, MusicZilla is a desktop based software for Windows. It allows you to download any song you stream from the internet, what makes it unique is the support for all browsers, its relatively light memory consumption and the absent of adware.

I’m not too sure about the adware and spyware free thing but it performed as advertised, and its free. Please note that downloading mp3 without paying is against the law. Apart from LastFm, Imeem, Pandora, and MySpace, free music zilla, the first tool specialized for social music downloading, enables you download free music from eSnips, Mog, iJigg, and almost all social music services.