Your Grandfather's Road

Your Grandfather’s Road is about turning YOUR stories, experiences and ideas into a movie BY the people, FOR the people. We believe that life is infinitely more interesting than the imaginations of writers sitting in the insulated cubicles of the Klang Valley. Do these writers know about your life? About how you got that ugly scar on your back from antics with the boys? Or how it felt the first time he saw you without your tudung on? Or why your car seat smells the way it does? Nobody knows these stories of yours… Except you. And we feel they are important stories to put on the big screen. So here’s our invitation to you: Let’s put our stories and experiences online and try to come up with an awesome movie script. Let’s talk about that script. Who do you think should act in it? Where shall we shoot this? What shall the character wear? Send us photos. Send us audition videos. Send us art direction ideas. Let’s make this movie a truly Malaysian movie, BY the people, FOR the people.

You can get involved.