Google 'Zerg Rush'

Google's famed sense of humor is on display again today, with an easter egg thrown into the company's search service. Googling the words "Zerg rush" provides not only the relevant results, but also an army of Os (taken from Google's logo) intent on eating away those precious answers. All you have at your disposal is your trusty mouse, and counteracting this "O rush" is little different from the way you fight off the original Zerg rush in StarCraft: just click on the little vermin until they disappear. Once you're finally defeated — and defeated, you shall be — you can take your score over to Google+ to tell the world of your heroic defense against an insurmountable force.

Bonus points go to Google for making this compatible with all the major browsers. We tested the Zerg rush search on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari, and our results were reliably obliterated in all.

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