Gangnam Style hits one billion views

Gangnam Style has become the first video to clock up more than one billion views on YouTube.
The South Korean dance track was posted online in July, propelling pop star Psy to worldwide fame.
It has inspired hundreds of parody clips, from members of the British army, Thai navy and Minecraft gamers, among others.

YouTube's owner, Google, said the video had been watched seven million to 10 million times a day on average.

It overtook the previous record holder - Justin Bieber's music video Baby - on 24 November.
"Psy's success is a great testament to the universal appeal of catchy music - and er, great equine dance moves," wrote Kevin Allocca, YouTube trends manager, on the service's blog.

YouTube screenshot 
The video's YouTube hit counter added a dancing Psy animation after it hit the one billion milestone

Source : BBC